Happy News !!

Happy News !! is back up and running for members of the ! There is SO much happening, I’m sure you addicts would love the opportunity to tag along for the ride. Get excited, because I AM !!

Friday Worship Cam

Happy Friday ! I will be streaming live throughout the day today. Check in to drop some cash, and say hello !!

Saturday Worship Cam for SUCKERS !

Are you a UK pet who wants to worship ?! Or simply an addict who needs your fix ? I’ll be available TODAY After 2PM EST ! See you then bitches !

Friday Worship – Foot Fetish Cam

Members of the will be granted access to My Foot Fetish Worship Cam tonight.  AFTER 10PM EST.  Have those laptops and credit cards READY bitches ! x

NerFLix and IGNORE Cam

Tonight, I ignore you bitches as I lounge, surf the net, watch tv, and chat it u p with My girlfriends.  !!

Friday Worship : Fetish Cam

It’s PAYDAY, and I will be streaming LIVE tonight. { ** NOTE : Sometime AFTER 9PM EST. } Access to My worship cam will be granted to members of the See you tonight bitches !

Random Registers

If you’re not explicitly part of the, do not waste your time registering for this portion of My Hive. Randoms are not permitted.